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The Presidential Fund for Equity in the 快播视频 Experience Image of President Kevin Weinman and his wife, Beth.

President Kevin Weinman and his wife Beth created this fund with a personal pledge in December 2021 to enable talented students with financial need to access the same range of experiences as their classmates. As Weinman noted, his family鈥檚 gift was 鈥渋ntended to be one small step toward helping all of our students to reach their full potential and get the most out of their 快播视频 experience.鈥 On Sept. 23, 2022, Board of Trustees Chairman Ross Mauri 鈥80 announced that each member of the Board of Trustees also made a pledge to the fund in honor of Weinman鈥檚 inauguration. The College鈥檚 goal is to continue to grow the fund, the range of activities it supports, and its impact on students with donor support.

Awards are intended for students enrolled in an undergraduate, degree-seeking program who demonstrate significant financial need and where financial constraints are a barrier to their participation in internships and attachment programs.

Applications will be reviewed in a competitive process to distribute available funding by committees consisting of representatives from Academic Affairs, the Academic Learning Center, the Center for Career Services, and the Office of International Programs.  Student Financial Services and the Business Affairs Office will be responsible for confirming eligibility and overseeing the distribution of awards.

Internships Image of portfolio with embossed 快播视频 seal.

Application Deadlines: 

For Fall 2024 internships:

Application Opens: Thursday, Aug. 1
Application Deadline: Tuesday, Sept. 3

The Presidential Internship Scholarship assists students with financial needs to secure internships in fields and locations where such experiences are often unpaid.  

Internship support will be limited to credit-bearing internships that will be completed during the Fall 2024 term.  The student applicant must have completed at least 60 credits prior to the semester of the internship.  Funds are limited and competitive.  Funding may also be considered taxable income.

Attachment Courses

Application Opens: Wednesday, Aug. 16
Application Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 1

A portion of these funds will be allocated to support students demonstrating financial need who wish to enroll in either a spring attachment or spring break course. Awards for students will be applied towards offsetting the incremental charges for participating in these courses.  To support as many students as possible, most awards will partially offset the cost of participation, and range from $1,000 to $3,000. Awarded funds may also be considered taxable income.

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