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Undergraduate Admission

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At 快播视频, we understand that you've worked hard to complete AP, IB, and dual enrollment college courses while still in high school, and we strive to reward your hard work. Our Transfer Credit Roadmap will estimate how many of your AP, IB, and dual enrollment college credits will transfer to your desired degree program at 快播视频. We'll ensure you make the most of your college experience, whether that means accelerating your degree, creating additional time to study aboard, pursuing another internship, or adding a minor or second major to your degree plan.

Many students can accelerate their college program by earning advanced standing through AP and IB credit in high school. 快播视频's AP and IB credit policies are flexible and student-friendly, with the goal of helping students make the most of their college experience. Please view the lists below of what is required on the exam(s) and how many credits the student will receive. All official test results should be submitted directly to the Registrar Office.